Wisdom for the Ages – Proverbs 10

Wisdom for the Ages – Proverbs 10

Here’s a thought inspired by a testimony from a sister in our fellowship today:

If the standard of perfection required to enter heaven is too high, what should it be lowered to? Who chooses the standard and how often does it move further down (never up)?

OF COURSE, we cannot attain that perfection! It is God’s Perfect Nature! Should He allow imperfection to live in heaven, it would soon become like, well, hell.

But the bible teaches that Jesus the Messiah brings us to that perfection through His sacrifice on the cross. ‘The Lord will perfect that which concerns (is in) me,” the psalmist said! I will never be perfect in my humanity, yet I am counted perfect in God’s eyes. These are the eyes that matter. This is the grace of God!

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