Sunday Morning Live Feed

Sunday Morning Live Feed

In-person services have resumed but we understand that not everyone is comfortable meeting in-person yet. We will continue to offer a live stream of our 10 a.m. service here on the website.

If the live stream doesn’t automatically start at 10 a.m., please refresh your browser.

An audio-only version of the sermon will be posted below under “Latest Sermon” by Sunday evening.

For those who wish to attend in-person, please be aware of the following:

1. Sign-ins are no longer needed to attend either service, but we do ask groups of 4 or more people to contact us if you are attending 2nd service so we can be sure our seating is properly prepared.

2. We want to be sure that those coming who are concerned about social distancing can do so without problems.  To that end, we ask that you wear a mask when inside the building until you are seated. If you need to get up and go to the bathroom, please remember to put on a mask until you return to your seat.

3. Please do not stand around before, between, or after services. Once the service is over, we ask that you take conversations outside.  Please also make sure that you are not blocking the entrances so that others may pass.

4. If you are attending 2nd service, please begin coming into the building at about 9:50 a.m. This also allows proper disinfecting between services to happen.

We know most people are comfortable without such precautions. However, those who need to wear a mask, or feel the need to carefully social distance, need to be able to do so with reasonable freedom.  

We will re-evaluate all of this soon and are working toward a children’s ministry time being reinstated.  So, stay tuned, and we hope to see you Sunday!