About Us

About Us

Our Roots

Adirondack Christian Fellowship is affiliated with Calvary Chapel, as well as participating in a local fellowship of churches in the Capital District. We began in March of 1999 when a family from Applegate Christian Fellowship moved to Saratoga Springs, NY and began a home fellowship.

Our Practice and Pattern

“And they continued steadfastly in the apostle’s doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers.”

We believe the simple pattern outlined in Acts 2:42 provides a healthy model of what the church is primarily to be about. As is true of each believer, each church family will have specific and unique ministry areas. Yet foundational to our fellowship are the constant and unwavering commitment to prioritize these aspects of church body life.

Apostle’s Teaching: (I Tim 3:16) The Bible is God’s Word. We study through books of the bible, chapter by chapter as our consistent practice, while occasionally stopping to do a short series or topical teaching.

Fellowship: (John 13:34-35) The mark of disciples of Jesus Christ is love one to another. We encourage time around our meetings to interact with each other, pray for one another, and assist one another as brothers and sisters.

Baptism: ACF practices baptism by immersion for believers as an outward expression of inward regeneration. We do not believe baptism saves a person, but it is a very important act of faith and commitment to Jesus Christ. It is one of the first outward signs . The apostles continued the practice in the book of Acts and the practice of baptism was taught in the letters of the New Testament.

Breaking of Bread: (Luke 22:17-20) Communion (along with baptism), is an important element in our spiritual life. We provide times often to reflect, remember, and rejoice in the body and blood of our Savior.

Prayers: (Luke 18:1) ‘Pray Always!’ said Jesus. We are committed to regular times of prayer for thanksgiving, direction, supplication, and intercession. The best way to learn to pray is to pray!